How We Work

At the heart of every stage of our advice process is you, our client. The process we take you through is to uncover your true goals and aspirations, creating a financial plan to make them a reality. As independent financial advisers our recommendations to you are based on an evaluation of the whole market, not a limited number of providers.

It’s important to remember that our process is a continuous circle, and we will revisit stages as your needs change and to make sure your plans are on track to meet your aspirations.

Meeting You

The first time we meet you we hold an initial consultation designed to help us gain an understanding of your goals and aspirations. From here we can establish what sort of services will be the most appropriate for you.

Fact Find

As part of the initial consultation we engage in fact finding which helps us to individually tailor our approach to your plan. For example, we gain an understanding of your attitude to risk or any ethical considerations. It may be to establish if retirement planning or wealth accumulation are personal priorities.

Research & Analysis

Before proceeding with proposals concerning future financial plans, we conduct research and analysis into the current financial market. From this research we establish which products and services are available that will best meet your priorities.


Using the information gathered from the first three stages our financial advisers are then able to present you with recommendations. Financial planning recommendations are provided in the form of a report which allow you time to reflect and to make sure that the proposals are right for your needs.


Once approved by you, we implement the agreed actions on your behalf. Implementation can range from things like making agreed investments to changes in pension plans or contributions. Where appropriate, it may also involve actions to do with tax and inheritance changes to maximise monetary potential.

Ongoing Review

Our service to you does not end at implementation. We continue to look after your needs through our ongoing service reviews, to ensure they continue to be fit for the purpose they were intended. This means checking that any financial products, where entered into, remain the best choice for your needs, for instance. We also make renewed assessments to ensure that we continue to understand your priorities as and when they change.

How can we help you?