Independent Financial Adviser for Business Protection

Running a business can be challenging and as a business owner you should always plan ahead to ensure your business can keep up with the times. Planning for unexpected events is unfortunately necessary, which is why business owners can benefit from working with an independent financial adviser for business protection advice and guidance.

Business protection is all about insuring the unexpected. It is a way of protecting your business and partnerships in case something should go wrong. Whether you want to protect your money, have a backup plan in case of serious illness or even death, or ensure the stability of your business, we can help.

At HJS Financial Planning we specialise in business protection and we do this through:

  • Partnership protection where partners can buy out a departed partner’s share;
  • Shareholder protection to protect the interests of business stability and continuity;
  • Key person insurance to protect the business for potential financial losses.

With a team of independent advisers for business protection advice and guidance, we know how to help your business protect its financial future, assets and partnerships.

Partnership and Shareholder Protection

At HJS Financial Planning we ensure that your business is protected in the event that a colleague may die, leaving his or her share to someone else. We help with a safety net to ensure that the surviving partners have enough funds to buy out the interest of the business or compensate the family of the deceased colleague.

With the right insurance policy, your company will continue to operate unhindered while the outgoing shareholder or their family receive the funds tax free under current legislation.

Key Person Insurance

We also offer key person insurance as this is an important form of business insurance. This insurance refers to a policy taken out by a business to protect that business from potential financial losses that could arise as a result of the sudden incapacity or death of a member of the business specified on the policy. This insurance aims to help protect the profits and facilitate business continuity. We help you understand the different types of business insurance available to you and how it can benefit your business and shareholders.

As with any insurance or investment portfolio, we know that your needs may change, and your investments can go up or down at times and you make get back less than you invested. Rest assured that you can trust HJS Financial Planning to always be one step ahead and help you manage your business’ financial future and protect its shareholders when it comes to unexpected events.

For more information about working with an independent financial adviser for business protection, contact us today at 02380 920 128 or email [email protected].